I will get to it soon

This week is busy…and pretty much next week looks the same but I will go for next week to round up the information to show you all. I’m excited for the interest and I hope that whatever my journey and insight can be helpful to you.

And I’m gonna find some pictures to post. Found some and I can’t believe I never posted these from when I met up with Keith Bryce. Remember he has a workshop this weekend that is going to be AMAZING! It’s still not to late to sign up.


and smiles

they liked us (photo of me taken by Suzanne)

I got to meet these wonderful girls Suzanne (the photo above is Suzanne) and Andrea. Seriously there is so much talent here in Utah.

Keith and I (photo taken by Suzanne)

Anyone interested

Since I have brought the subject of pricing I have been wondering if any of you out there are interested in me putting together my cost breakdown for my business. How at my $400 session pricing is it a hobby?
If there is enough interest I will put it out there for public knowledge. If there is a small amount I will just email you my info because you know this stuff is very personal. I would love to help those out there with there with pricing questions and those who want to see if it’s worth it go forward or for those who should raise their prices. And this info could be good for clients to understand too.
Anyways let me know (make a comment or contact me) and I can get the information together in a few days. I have asked my NERD husband to help me put it together. He understands business very well, but let me say HE LET ME RUN my business. If I would have let him do anything my goals would have been more into the making money range.

Peace Out!


The Love is so overwhelming from my post yesterday there were many emails too that you didn’t see in the comments..and not one hate mail…AWESOME! I really hope that whatever the outcome is that you, whoever is out there thinking about the business, can really see what it takes. And there may be some that really want the success and have a ROCKIN’ business you go for it. Live that Dream too.
Just like today I was telling Angie that I think she is amazing and I am so happy for her success.
Just go with what your HEART tells you.
Love you all! And it’s not like I care about comments or anything (see the competition stills comes out). But I exceeded the amount of comments for one day than I have in a few years that’s saying something -RIGHT! I should bring up controversy more often.

On another note. Last night my oldest son gave me a note that I had to share with you.
I have been told that you don’t receive the rewards of being a mother until they are at least 25 possibly sooner. And I got this last night.

Here goes…as I said I would.

This is a long post so go get something good eat and prepare yourself to read my WONDERFUL insight…he he and all the links I have.

Though it’s been 2 months that I had posted about my changes for this year. I talked briefly on my business and losing money. My husband had to remind me I didn’t loose money. You see, my goals for my business was to  be a HOBBY and pay for itself…and it did!

It paid for
all my workshops (Brianna Graham, the Image is Found, Skye Hardwick, Rock that OCF, Keith Bryce Big Bang)
my studio lighting (alien bee 400, soft box, light stands, backdrops)
all my cameras (Canon 20D, Canon 5D)
lens’s (50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8 24-70mm 2.8, 70-200mm 2.8 ISM)
my flash (580 EX ll)
pocket wizards (2)
my computer (an old school Mac that should be upgraded),
my hard drives (I have 4 external hard drives),
my props (couches, hats, clothes)
my photoshop CS3,
my templates (for Christmas cards, & albums)
all my marketing (CD holders, albums, photos, & advertising)
my website (blu domain website, my blog from Pro Photo)
Spent a lot time on developing myself and networking that I really didn’t get paid for that (countless hours in front of the computer, blogging, facebooking, answering emails…like I started this post at 1 and had many interruptions and now its 9 p.m.)
I should have paid for rent and utilities…even if it is out of my home.

As I got caught up in the business of photography I thought I was a horrible business owner. I wasn’t keeping up with everyone else out their in the market and it started to take a toll on me and my art. I decided to look at my business as a business and I wasn’t making anything more than to pay for itself and I felt like a failure. I do about 1-4 shoots a month (those were my goals) and let’s say if my husband died and I needed to provide I would need to 4-6 shoots a week to make money. You have to decide what it is you want out of PHOTOGRAPHY everyone loves it and lets face it, it’s NOT for everyone. If you’re going to make it a hobby stay within the range of what is being offered out their. Don’t undercut all the other photographers around you. You will get over worked and under paid. It’s not good business…believe me I have been there and for me it was a reflection in my confidence. I have many photographer friends outside of the state of Utah that continue to tell me I should raise my prices but I am in the right place for my market (Utah County alone is very saturated with photographers).

I have found the best article about this topic and quiet frankly she says it better than I would…check it out here. If you are really really wanting to get into the business I suggest you read this and this

A quote from MCP Actions that I have said to myself is, “Artists work from emotions, and you better step outside of that for a moment and keep those emotions and business separated, or you will BE a starving artist who will one day look back and say “my kids are grown, where did the time go?  I sat in front of that computer for hours for less than minimum wage… I wish I had that time back with my kids….”  No one looks back and says “I wish I would have worked more away from my family….”

This is were I’m at with my career. I am pregnant with number 5 and for some reason this has created for me some anxiety. I have children that are in extracurricular activities that will consists more of my time. Honestly, I don’t know how people do it.  I don’t want to look back and see what have I missed out on or what my kids missed out on but I also look back and see what have I gained from all of this too.  I love photography I don’t think I will ever quit but I am going to slow down…this doesn’t mean I am not doing sessions so don’t hesitate to contact me it’s just time to BREATHE and reflect on my photography and what’s in my heart. I think I have gotten a little lost with the COMPETITION.

So WHY do I share my experience HONESTLY I don’t know. I have just felt I should. So, any of those deciding to start a business REALLY THINK about it. It’s a lot of work and you should get paid for it. I hope that this hasn’t offended any but have given you a greater understanding from my perspective.

In conclusion I have some photos to share…how could I not.

For those engaged

I’m not sure if I get the engaged on here because I don’t do weddings but check it out Iris and Light video and photography in Utah. I just LOVE their work.  So, tell someone you know about this it is totally worth it.