Picture Me

I had a meeting today with Keith Bryce for the Fashion Shoot and my little side kick came with me and on our way there he said “Your going to Picture Me” and so I did for about 15 min. Throughout the day he kept telling me his stomach hurt and kept going to the bathroom but there was nothing until we went to parent teacher conference…he threw up…at least he hit the chair between me and the other parent waiting. Poor guy he didn’t know what was going on and I think it was his first time. He seems to be fine now just a little bug and it needed to come out.

And the cookies he got for the photos.

I love his lashes.

  • He is soooooo adorable!! Love the first one and the one where he’s got his little foot on the brick wall, way too cute! Can’t wait for next week. Yummmmm.ReplyCancel

  • he’s so cute! love all the shots!ReplyCancel

  • He is so adorable! I love this set!!ReplyCancel

  • Soooo darling!! I love that spot downtown….you of course make it completely fabulous!! Gorgeous colors and that first one is my favorite. What a cutie!ReplyCancel

  • He is just precious!!! Love the shots!ReplyCancel

  • way too stinkin’cute!!! I love that you call him your “sidekick” —that is adorable!ReplyCancel

  • You make me wish I had a little man to take pictures of! He is adorable and your pictures are amazing as usual!ReplyCancel

  • I love his lashes too! Why do boys always get the long gorgeous lashes? My boy has crazy great lashes too! You have one cute little guy and of course he looks perfectly stylin’ to go to your meeting with Keith Bryce! Love the first one too!!ReplyCancel

  • Oh you tempt me! I would like to go out today and buy whatever camera it is that you are holding! Then, I might swing by some talent shop…the same one you shop at, and pick me up some of that. DANG IT! I wish I could have your talent!

    So, one of these days, I WILL come over and you are going to have to give me a walk through photoshop. I want to make stuff “pop” like you do! I know I could learn myself, but as it is, my attention span tank runs on empty most of the time. Shoot! I will just have to rely on you! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • What a little stud. I am glad he is feeling better. It’s been WAY to long since I stopped by and I have been missing out! I so need to stop by more!ReplyCancel

  • jeana

    Hey Jess, love these pictures of your little guy! They are perfect. I hope you are feeling pretty well and I hope to see you sometime soon.ReplyCancel

  • What a doll! His clothes are just darling Jess!ReplyCancel

  • They just don’t come cuter than that! Love the outfit and location. Just darling!!!!!!ReplyCancel


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