Rub a Dub Dub

I love pictures of kids in the Bath. I drool over those huge bathrooms with window light and wish that I had one. I  have even considered going to my in-laws to make a photo shoot in their cool large  bathroom. But for today I opted for the easy way, in my very own very small bathroom with no windows at all and the tile in the background is like 30 years old.

It just didn’t matter today because for 1 Isaac was willing to get his photo taken and 2 I have a flash. I used my 85 mm lens in all of these shots…mostly cuz thats the lens that stays on my camera because its the best. I had the flash aimed at the ceiling for bounce and everything was done manually with my flash and the camera and I am so happy at how they turned out.

My settings were this:

My flash was at 1/8 and the zoom was +0.7 My camera was at iso 100 1/200 sec at f/3.2 and very little editing they are almost SOOC -keyword almost.

One Fine Wedding | Utah Photographer

Lynette I know you have been waiting patiently to see some photos of the night…well, I have been dying to put them on here. Enjoy!

I like this series…the kiss.

saying something to make them laugh. I can’t help it. I love the romantic shots but I ruin it by making fun of it a little. But HEY, I like both shots here.

It’s my Birthday

I have had such a wonderful day of being a mom.

I slept in…LOVE that part.
I finally got ready before 2 in the afternoon
I went to all the parties for my kids at school and was the class photographer…I nominated myself to do that.
I brought a car load of kids home and they played outside until dark
We had pizza for dinner and watched movies.
Lots of Birthday love from friends and family.

And for my present. I have decided to take on a diet challenge YES even when I am 15 weeks pregnant. While at dinner a few nights ago I was talking with Rebekah Westover and she told me about this Kristi Approved Live the Life program. I came home looked it up and emailed my question about starting something like this when I am pregnant and Kristi called me within 30 min. and said “Yes you should totally do it.” and here I am signing up. And the hardest part is putting it out here for others to know of my commitment…very vulnerable.

Now onto some of the photos that I took today.
Issac shares his birthday with me in the same month and I have had the joy of planning his party and today we did the photos for the card. This is when I think all mom’s should know how to take some good photos at home…and then I think I should teach them to do it and then I think ummmm, not sure if I would be a good teacher.

from spider man 3 to just 4

Picture Me

I had a meeting today with Keith Bryce for the Fashion Shoot and my little side kick came with me and on our way there he said “Your going to Picture Me” and so I did for about 15 min. Throughout the day he kept telling me his stomach hurt and kept going to the bathroom but there was nothing until we went to parent teacher conference…he threw up…at least he hit the chair between me and the other parent waiting. Poor guy he didn’t know what was going on and I think it was his first time. He seems to be fine now just a little bug and it needed to come out.

And the cookies he got for the photos.

I love his lashes.