Sweet Eliza | Utah Photographer

I am so behind on posting sessions that I have done. I really want to share them so I will a little at a time.

Eliza is the newest baby in our BIG family. We are at 23 grand kids and counting only because I will be adding 1 more yes, just 1 not 2…no twins…SIGH of relief.

Here is all of her cuteness.

many have asked I got the headband at Trendy Tots at the Provo Riverwoods. Oh and I forgot to give credit to Skye for this photo’s inspiration.


Designer/ Stylist Keith Bryce from season 5 of Project
Runway presents a…….

Let him know Jess sent you…so far there are only 15 out of the 20 spots left. So reserve yours fast you don’t wanna miss it!


Wow! I can not tell you how refreshing it was to get this out and off my chest. My mind was…well, a little messy I have not been able to think clearly…okay, that’s most of the time but this was different. But now that it’s CLEAN I can get to my Goals this year….YEAH!
And thanks to all those who reached out to me and given me so many NICE comments and personal messages. Most of which I was surprised that you said, “I am one of the nicest persons you have met”…well, you haven’t played soccer with me or against me. I had a game last night and I was so mad at the team I didn’t give them the “high 5 and the good game” that’ll teach ’em. You know I don’t care if we lose but if you are a poor sportsman and push me down because I had the ball…your a JERK! There is satisfaction in being 32 and stealing the ball away from a 20 year old and blocking the ball from a guy. See that’s not so nice of me now, is it?

It’s always hard for me to find that line between business and personal and what kind of information do I share or not because after all who reads this blog anyways…I’m sure there are clients, friends, family, and potential clients but still don’t know everyone. So, thanks for letting me vent and sharing your love with me. I feels so REFRESHING!!!!!!!

A few shots from a recent session. And he wanted nothing to do with me…but you see little one I’m not gonna give up. I will get something.

Lynette Bridals | Utah photographer

It isn’t very often that I do weddings in Oct 2008 was officially, in my mind, my last one and somehow they keep slipping in on my schedule. It’s not a bad thing especially when she is this pretty…thanks girl it was fun.

Picture overload!!!!!