Christmas Cards

Here are a few samples you will find for your Christmas Card selection this year. Email me about pricing (thru the contact section please). The last day I will take card orders is November 24th. You can choose from any one of my samples here with one revision. They come in sets of 25 with envelopes. To know more about pricing email me.
These cards are beautiful it will definitely be the best card out there (you know the family/friend card competition…it’s true you all know it) so you’ve gotta do it.

I love family sessions with young children | Utah Family Photographer

Whew I said it. I really love young families (there was one exception to that young family rule was this family). WHY you ask because all I have to do is follow the children. That’s it. Now, I’m sure the family that is being photographed might feel like I’m not getting a single thing…BUT I am. It may not feel like a typical family photo shoot but that’s what I am all about. Little “A” here was FUN he reminded me of my little Isaac so right off the bat he stole my heart. He had the same amount of energy that my little guy has too…it was FUN!

Here is a preview. When I downloaded these Isaac even said “that’s me”

This was fun.

Bryn | Utah Child Photographer

My how time flies. It happened 6 months after she was born I got my first film SLR camera it was a Canon EOS rebel …LOVED it. I have always loved to take photographs, it started in high school, I had a relationship with my point and shoot it went everywhere with me…it was like cell phones these days. I even had a photography class back in the day and failed it…it was my only “F” I ever got. To this day I still have no idea why I got the “F” I like to think it was because I didn’t have an SLR to shoot with.
Back to when I got my first SLR I had signed up for a class at the college and didn’t have my camera yet so my smart “nerd” husband did his research and got me the Canon Rebel. I started out my community class to understand how the thing should work and I would practice all the time by writing down my settings and then developing the film to see what I got. Then technology caught up and here we are now with the digital SLR that everyone can buy and become a professional photographer even if that means your own business or just for your own personal family photos.

Now it’s too bad I’m not gonna spend the time to scan the very first photos I took of Miss Bryn but I will show you what I got a few weeks back.