Rock Canyon rock climbing | Utah photographer

This weekend was a blast…busy but fun! We basically went back to our roots ROCK CLIMBING and BYU.

Greg proposed to me while I was climbing a 10a (the climbs are ranked on difficulty and at this time I had only climbed a 5.8 and a 5.9 the next level is a 10a then it goes to b,c,d, on up to a 14 which is like climbing glass with a few notches). There I was being all cocky that I could do a 10a easy as pie…right! Well, not so much I couldn’t get past the first overhang…kinda funny. Let me skip back…Greg did the lead climb to get the rope up there so I could start my climb but while he did that he had set my wedding ring in a hole at the top…I didn’t even know he had a ring for me…I had know idea he was proposing.
Anyways on my climb I finally got past the overhang it was smooth sailing after that until I realize how high it was. I was done…but Greg belaying me would not let me down. My friends had to chime in…it didn’t help much. He encouraged me that I was almost done and that I can’t give up now I’ve got to finish what I’ve started. He knew exactly what to say…I am a little competitive and so I moved forward and made it to the top. His friend Paul was telling me to stay there for a photo and put my hands in certain holds…let’s say it took me a little bit to find the black box. And the rest is history. We have always said that we would love to take our kids rock climbing…we haven’t done it very much…gonna have to change that. After that fun story are some photos of us.

Do you like Elyse giving it a try with a broken arm, a skirt and boots

I love the colors and light here.

This was Isaac’s pose. He said “Mom, take my picture” music to my ears.

I had to take this photo opportunity when it presents itself

Beecher Family | Utah Photographer

I love this family that’s all I have to say. We met over 2 years it might be 3 but knowing me lately I can’t remember a thing I have lost my wallet and now my car keys…oh, yeah my wedding ring too. Ronelle if your reading this yes, I have done it again. I’m sorry but I have to take it off at night…then I think little Isaac’s finger found it.

Okay, so back onto my friends. I’m just happy about these.

Ali I love the heart very creative.

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All I can say is I love this family. I did there photos last year on trade and got this Scrapbox and LOVE IT! Glenn has all the hook ups for me…the Jill E bag and on this years trade the EZ View Desk yes, I can’t wait.

We decided to have the shoot in the Canyon and I decided to take the scenic route from my house…the Alpine Loop thinking it would be faster….ummmm, it wasn’t and while I was in a hurry I almost had a head on colision…forgot to tell you guys that. I was only 10 minutes late.

Glenn and Dara you guys have some amazing kids…beautiful/handsome too! I hope the trip to Africa is FUN visiting family and all. If I remember right you take the kids back home for the official scare them to death never to live there.
On my trip in China with Glenn (and my husband too) he told us many stories about his upbringing living in South Africa and I am just stunned what he endured as a child. I love the thought of travel it’s exotic…but I am a little naive. I mean Angie had to save me on time in Seattle from nice black man that really wanted to get to know me…I’m just that nice.

I hope you like.