Isaac…a little Peak of my Stink

This little guy has got the craziest personality. He’s also a little bully the older kids…he sticks up for himself and a little more. He can be a LITTLE TURD sometimes…and he can cuddle with the best of them. Love this guy.

I had an idea for the shoot but time interfered a little bit…sometimes I hate that time when it flies so fast but anywhoo here is a peak of my stink.

I don’t know maybe it’s just me but when I photograph my kids they barely look past me and “I say look at me” in my nicest voice of course and they always tell me “I am”
So, this is Isaac looking at me but not letting me see one of his eyes and looking away of course.

Home slice…I don’t know what this is but it’s kinda funny.

Broken Arm

Last night she fell off the monkey bars and broke her arm. It took some courage to go to the hospital…but the fear subsided when she was given some treats and a puppy.

It was tough to watch them align the bones up for a better healing process. She was actually medically sleeping but she still moved as the were making the placement…she doesn’t even remember. The thought I did have was…how do those mothers do it when there children have cancer and are constantly in the hospital…I think of how BRAVE.

Here is my cute Elly

Looking Back

I actually sat down the other day and started to gather my files that I have not printed from about 4 years ago when I first got my DSLR. I went to blurb It’s a book site that will slurp your blog into a book…haven’t figured this part out yet. Last time I looked they could do typepad and of course I have blogger. If there is anyone out there that has some great suggestions on how to make books easy let me know. Anyways I wanna get updated on my scrap booking…and if you know me I used to be very up to date and now I’m 4 years behind. What was I thinking!!!

So the reason for this post is to show you some of my first real work with my Canon 20d and when I really started this profession out. Before that I shot with film for about 4 years…a slight transition to say the least…the learning curve was fast but now I needed to learn to use photoshop.

Here is little Isaac he was my easiest subject at the time.

I dropped my camera and broke my 50 mm 1.4 lense after these shots.

For you…Kerstin | Utah Photographer

It’s finally time that I get to my blog. I have been enjoying the start of school. My kids were so excited for school to start they could not sleep that night…it was like Christmas!

K so I just love how every year you have one child that is a grump with their expressions which is always funny to me…but not to the parents. I know I’ve been on the other end a few too many times. In the past it was always Madelynn who did the grumpy and now she has passed it onto Jackson. Regardless of those expressions I did get some good stuff.

The requested shot from Dad. “Hurry get that shot she does that all the time.”

Up next

Kerstin I am getting close to your photos but had to show you one.