Morgan | Utah Photographer High School Senior

This is my cute senior rep for Lehi. I am so excited for this she will be my first for this school and I can’t wait to see how the word spreads.

Morgan get talking!

This girl loves to dance and for me I don’t know a darn thing when it comes to dance…and I’m not very coordinated I dance like Elaine on Seinfeld…but I love to watch those that can dance. Anyways I am super happy about these and couldn’t wait to post as you can see it’s about 2 in the morning…plus, I took some Excedrin to get rid of a migraine and here I am on the computer.

We go way back | Utah Photographer

I think it’s been almost 11 years but as for Corey it goes even further…good ol’ high school days.

I always stress when photographers hire me. So  Keri called and said she was coming to visit, can we do a family session…and I said of course. Plus, we gotta hang out. Well I was having a BAD day I was feeling bad for myself and didn’t really know what to do…so of course I chose to be mad. I mean don’t you ever just want to be mad. *Oh, and I have to say why is it when we are mad or frustrated that we are the meanest to those that are the closest to us…and then you feel really bad later for doing it.*
The start of the session is I told Corey that I am a very mean person today and it may not be fun to hang out…but I knew that once I was doing something I love I would get out of my rut…and I did.
Session is over and we head over to my house to hangout…Greg is gone…car broke down…that just topped off a special day for him too so we were both having a not so good day. Hey, anyone wanna hang out with us we are a load of fun around here. But I do have to say I’m thankful for bad days it makes me accomplish so much the next few days or even weeks. It’s just too bad that the bad day was when our friends were in town.

This one makes me laugh because the wheel barrow had a flat tire and Corey was pushing it up a slight hill and to say the least he did have a tough time pushing it.


I just recently had lashes put on and I love them. They look very real and the best part is I didn’t need to put mascara on…well, I did for the bottom lashes. If you are thinking about them you should check out the site and give Eva a call. You will love them as much as I do.

Anyways call her…this is enough of my advertising for the night but hey we all could use some of it with this economy.
I will talk more about this crappy economy later…it will be called Reality Hits our home.

Remember this shot these are the lashes.


My canvas is bigger than yours 30x48x3″ that’s 4ft wide…I LOVE IT! Thanks Jason you are the best canvas guy. If there are any photographers out there and I know you are…give him a call. Plus, his turn around time is fast sometimes the next day! Email me thru my contact and I will give you his info.

Oh, and not the best product photo mostly cause my house is in remodel mode and I can’t hang it were I want it.