Rock that OCF (off camera flash)

Here comes a long post because it was tough to narrow it down from 3 days of shooting.
This workshop was super fun…crazy busy for me…and not mention amazing! I learned so much. It took me a bit to wrap my head around it but finally got it on the last day. Thanks Ali for everything I’m so happy it all worked out even with the crazy weather we had.

I had know idea Salt Lake had a night life like this.

This is Mel and she is amazing! I love these shots because this was the type of shots I wanted to learn…when the sun finally decided to come out of the clouds.

This girl was walking by and was asked to be photographed…beautiful willing subject.

Been MIA

WOW! I have a lot to post it’s been 2 weeks.

I have been enjoying the Utah mountains for the last few days. I have a few photos to post.

I am a lazy landscape photographer…shot this one from out of my window with out stopping the car…yeah I’m lazy!

This one not so lazy…there was a little hiking involved.

More posts to come!

Senior 2010 | Utah High School Senior Photographer

Here is my first cute Senior for 2010…it was also my first phone call from my vinyl that I have had on my car for 6 months. It’s pays off…not so much. I have considered taking it off because I am a bit of a crazy driver and I don’t want my number and business flashing all over town as the crazy driver. I’d rather do it in silence.

My impression of Rachelle was a little shy…and it may be true…but man does this girl no how to pose and work it for the camera. I loved it!
So Rachelle loves the outdoors and art…sketches but I wanted to improvise with the art shots…they are not totally what I had envisioned in my head but as the rain was pouring down on us we had to run for cover.

I’m telling you it’s going to be tough to narrow it down.
I have 2 edits on this one can’t decide

Just one

I knew that I would love this shot when I took it.

Into the eyes of a child.