Free Spirit

I just had fun with some black and white edits. I am so enjoying every moment with these little ones.

This one is so them Elly does dress this way and loves it and Isaac is all his spiderman attire and they are always this sweet with each other.

…and now on to some color.

Natural Beauty | Senior Utah Photographer

I am so glad you guys suggested going up the canyon for these shots. It was much more suitable for this beauty. I really love to capture YOU for what YOU love to do. Thanks ladies for a fun afternoon. I will be calling you for some other good locations you were telling me about.

I had too. It was only fitting.

I love RED too. So, why are my business colors pink?

I didn’t get to these

Every single time I post I feel I am suppose to say something amazing…something that inspires you and I just don’t have it in me. I am the worst with words…my husband makes fun of me (it’s how we are). It’s okay I’m use to it. So, if all you get are pictures its because I have no words of inspiration. Seriously I don’t know what happens but I go blank maybe its the 4 kids I’ve had. They say being pregnant does that to ya…but I’m not pregnant (family: let me emphasize I am not pregnant) so when does my brain come back.

Anyways here are some cute ones that never got posted.

I have some shoes like these and they are my absolute favorite. It brings out my personality.

She wanted little to do with me…but I think I’m FUN!

Remember this one