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Just some stuff on my mind and want to express, plus my photoshop is down so i’m not sure what to do with myself. I have all this free time!

My oldest came home from school today in tears. He talks a lot about how much he gets bullied, he does kind of dramatize things and he is a bit of a victim so I have played it safe for awhile not knowing if it’s real, regardless it really breaks my heart…and I really want to break the bullies too…but I can’t. I’ve asked around to see if others get bullied and the answer is the same…not really. So, from the incident I’ve had it and I finally called the parents and told them. Not sure how this will play out.
I just hope it doesn’t make Gabe’s last of school a bad one. We have had many discussions about what to do but I think I am to the point if Gabe has to physically defend himself to stand up for himself…by all means I will support it. I’m just not sure that he would have the heart to do it though.

Oh, and to top off his day he couldn’t find his rip stick that worked very hard to buy with his own money.

Any suggestions please feel free to share.

On a lighter note…can’t wait for tomorrow it’s the last day of school. Our whole day will be full of tons of fun…from a water party that includes a BBQ and bounce houses to a family birthday party and then to top off the day a movie outside with the neighborhood friends. I will have to post some pictures…I should have a few.

  • This is so similar to what we have gone through with our son Gabe. He was bullied for quite sometime this year. We even talked to the mom a few times but it still continued on and off school property. Our next step was to meet with the principal. We got to where we did tell Gabe that he had every right to defend himself. We didn’t want him starting a fight or picking a fight, but if he was being bullied and someone was being aggressive towards him, he could defend himself. I like to think of the fight scene in Christmas Story (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1d1a6yeNuw)! Luckily after a period of time the bullying stopped. But he still has had a hard time making friends. He’s not the popular jock type kid. He’s kinda shy and introverted and the kids in his class were just nasty to him all year. I even attended a little program for the third graders and at the end they all got year books. I watched my son walk up to his class mates and try and get them to sign his year book and many of them turned their backs to him and were so cold. I know how you feel, as the mother bear protective instincts kick in you want to kick the s@%t out of these kids…..but it wouldn’t be a good example, and beating up a 9 year old doesn’t make sense (dang it). Hopefully the talk with the parents will help solve the problem. Your son should not have to feel that kind of fear and go through that kind of intimidation. I think you did the right thing contacting the family. Your son will know that your on his side. Best of luck…and I hope he finds his rip-stick too!ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly

    Oh that makes me feel so sad for him! People are so stupid sometimes and some kids think it’s really funny to be mean. He can stand assured though that he is leaps and bounds smarter than those kids and probably their dads too! We love you guys! Hope he has a good summer!ReplyCancel

  • Interesting to read this post today. I sat on my lawn yesterday and watched Logan get hit and bullied by three years saying the nastiest things to him because he wanted to play with them. Mind you Logan is 3 and these girls were easily 6-8 yrs old. I kept calling him to come back to me but he was so desperate to get them to play with him and like him and kept saying “sowy” as the girls kept saying go away stupid kid. It broke my heart. I finally picked him up kicking and screaming and took him inside and gave him ice-cream. But I sat there listening to him tell me how sad her was the girls “were not nice” to him and rubbing his little arm, and I was angry. I wanted to trip those girls and tell their parents how ugly they were. I wanted to have a serious talk with him and tell him it’s ok to hit back or at least walk away. But he is THREE! How do I reason with him. I can barely get him to take baths when he is stinky or eat his meals. I worry that he will continue that shy submissive personality and carry into his early school years. I am so strict with him when he is playing with friends and make sure he never is mean or hits. But I don’t want him to be bullied. Jess, I hope you help Gabe. My heart is broken. I hope those parents take action and I wish no one had to be bullied. 🙁 I am so sorry you are going through this and that your ADORABLE son has to go through it. Or anyone else’s. xoxoxoxo to all moms.ReplyCancel

  • PS- re read my post I mean to write “bullied by three GIRLS saying the nastiest….”ReplyCancel

  • Melissa

    Being a Mom is so hard when those things happen. I worried to death about when my kids are pre-teens and teens and the problesm get even harder. My heart broke reading about Gabe. I’m so sorry. My 9 year old daughter went through some similar stuff a few months ago. I did everything I could to help, but still felt helpless. And just last week I found in my 7 year old son’s shorts pocket a note from a kid in his class that said, “I’m sorry I punched you in the face. I apologize.”

    Why was my son punched in the face, sent to the nurses’s office, and no one called me? WHY??? And why would a kid punch him??? I feel helpless as my kids get older and I am no longer in complete control of their sweet little lives. I’ve talked to parents, had the bus driver change his assigned seat on the bus, and prayed for this school year to hurry up and end so we can move to our next and more final stopping place (Utah) and try again. Sigh.

    Perhaps I don’t have any great advice for you, but I know it helps me to know I’m not alone in my worries about my kids. You will know what to do and your son will be stronger for dealing with this. Sigh.ReplyCancel

  • angie andrews

    I know what Dr Laura would tell you to do. Enroll him into martial arts. Not to beet up on the other kids, but to build his confidence as a person. Plus the exercise and discipline is an added advantage. Sorry he has to go thru that… kids are cruel!ReplyCancel

  • Oh my goodness! Gabe is such a cutie. I can not believe that. But I swear the kids are getting meaner and seem to REALLY be into the popular and non popular thing more than ever. (I blame T.V.) I really do not have any advice. It just sucks though. I worry about my Ethan in a few years. He is just too nice ..(and mormon) that is one thing my kids have to deal with here in Cali. that they are so different and always having to defend themselves. I always tell myself if it gets bad aver I will homeshcool or do a different school. So we will see. I am sorry, just give him lots of love. I know you do 🙂ReplyCancel

  • i second what the other comment said about martial arts. i never believed in it before. my 7 year old now is obsessed and loves it. he has anxiety issues and such a low self esteem is quite sad. he will do anything for friends… and attention to kids his age (which we know isnt a good thing!) we have really noticed a change in him since he started with karate/martial arts.
    poor gabe! my heart broke reading that. i hope summer is a good one. i know my kids need the break!ReplyCancel


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