More of my family photos

I have been a slacker at getting to these photos and not to say I don’t like them…I just can’t seem to fond time any more.
Some days go like this (for example my memorial day)
wake up at 10:00 (that’s the wonderful part)
go outside to weed because it rained last night
3:00 just got done weeding…didn’t finish…getting to old and worn out
edit photos…get mad at my computer and want to chuck it
find Isaac…don’t know for sure how long he has been missing
make dinner
find Isaac again and the girls 8:30
make everyone go to bed quickly before the wrath of mom comes out
9:00 rest for an hour before my soccer game
10:40 soccer game
11:30 game over and unfortunately we lost
then get asked to stay for another game…we did and lost that one too…ummm, maybe I need to consider me being on the team.

Bryn made her skirt…how fun is that.

My kids have become real posers…Ang thanks for appeasing them with their poses. This is one for example.

My Isaac was in true form…mad at everyone but his Dad. I get asked often if this kid likes anyone. He is actually one of our sweetest but doesn’t give the time or day to anyone outside of our family.

  • so fun, love the ones you posted… good times!ReplyCancel

  • these are stunning! i am in LOVE with the 2nd shot! beautiful family!!ReplyCancel

  • Amazing! Just amazing! You have a darling family and these pics just really show that off. I love the ones of you and your husband. Those are tender and sweet.ReplyCancel

  • oh my goodness Jess, these are just beautiful. . . you look amazing! The kids are getting so big, I love how playful you all are. That is one thing I love about you and Greg, you’re always laughing, always having fun! It shows. You guys are great parents and these are super cute pics. Angie is a great photographer!ReplyCancel

  • so cute Jess!! Your fam is adorable, growing up though!!ReplyCancel

  • Skye

    Jess these turned out so dang cute! Beautiful job Angie! It must be such a relief to get them done, I’m trying to find clothes for mine and I want to pull my hair out!ReplyCancel

  • these are really great photos.. love the styling, love the location, love the jump rope- looks like a really fun session. kuddos to all of ya 🙂ReplyCancel

  • These are all SUCH GREAT photos! Your family is adorable!ReplyCancel

  • oh wow these are awesome, I absolutely love the jump rope shot and the hulahoop awesome!ReplyCancel

  • I love these…and you are amazing…being a mom is hard and you seem to do it so well. I love the one of you looking at your hubby…beautiful!!!! Angie Rocks!ReplyCancel

  • Jess – your family is adorable!! Love the shots.ReplyCancel


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