Bryn and Butterflies

She got this butterfly from school. They watched it come alive…how cool is that. I don’t remeber stuff like that in school. Anyways it lived for about a week and she gave it all the love it could take.

Sweet newbon

Here is the arrival of little Elle. I love watching moms and dads love on their new baby and it’s no different for these guys…kisses and cuddles and even baby talk. I love watching it all. You guys are so sweet she is in good hands. Here are a few to preview before I’m all done editing them.

I think we had her diaper off for about an hour. It finally came out…poop! That was the END.

for love of lipstick

she has a whole process of how to get it on just right. I so did not do this when i was a tot.

…and she is boy crazy. She says if a boy stares at you he likes you.