Baby Face

I found an orange couch at the Thrift store about 3 weeks ago. I tried talking Angie into buying it but she didn’t want to make room…so, I did.

I’m happy I did.
I love it!

I needed to perfect model to get some good shots so I got my neice that doesn’t move yet and just stares at me.

  • ooh– I am ALSO glad you made yourself get it. It is FUN!!

    (and YAY for models that hold still and stare prettily! She’s a doll…)ReplyCancel

  • Good choice on the couch! I occasionally get on a kick where I go frequently looking for a chair/couch and don’t seem to have good luck. I hate lugging my kids in there, only to turn around and head right back out. You totally scored! Way to go! I have had better luck with KSl though so I’m not complaining! =) I don’t remember if I’ve introduced myself either! I’m just another fan, who adores your work.ReplyCancel

  • she is gorgeous! great couch…fantastic shots!ReplyCancel

  • Melts my heart…those eyes! (and love your new find!)ReplyCancel

  • Wow you have been a busy girl! Your consistency in producing unbelievable images amazes me. I bow down.ReplyCancel

  • wow, I love her eyes! these are beautiful! I constantly look up your blog and am always in awe! absolutely gorgeous photos 🙂ReplyCancel


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