It was cold

….and we got 6 shots in 2 minutes and this is the one worth keeping. Seriously out the whole entire day this was the time for it snow on us. Better luck next time!

can’t decide which one I like the best. Color or B&W.

Those cheeks

Isn’t she the cutest thing you ever did saw. I just love all of the chubs there is just so much to squeeze. It was so cute to see the interaction my brother has with his daughter. I can’t believe that he’s a dad.

Introducing Captain Underpants

My little almost 3 year decided to potty train on his own. I kind of have too he will not keep a diaper on nor will he keep his clothes on. He is my first to be so free about potty training and is very particular about what underwear he does wear and it has to be on backwards so that he can see bad guy spiderman. I don’t mind him almost naked every day there is something about watching him be free and not to mention I love to see their cute little bums too!

To my Grandpa

Happy 89th Birthday!!!!

My Grandpa is on his death bed. He was diagnose with terminally ill cancer in September not really sure what type its just to a point of him passing on. He is slowly going and it makes me sad but I will continue to cherish every visit we have. Today we brought him some balloons in celebration of his birthday. He loved it and the note Elyse gave him.
On our way home Elyse was still writing him a note a few scribbles but it said, “Dear Grandpa I will miss you when you go to heaven…I love you”

Go visit the poeple you love as often as you can. I have some regrets but am moving thru it and making the time that I have now.

Diana reminded me that I did get some inspiration for my photos from this link Here (click on the left side of the photos to see them all).

These hands have worked many early mornings on the farm

…and this is a shot of his leg. He contracted Polio when he was 3, he didn’t receive his brace until he was 17 but it never stopped him from doing anything…he would drive and he continued to work on the farm.

Cousin/Siblings Photoshoot

This photoshoot is for some trade work that I am doing. I will take the pictures and then we will get fancy new rock on our fireplace whenever we get the wood up until then I will take care of the photos. Plus, these guys are family so I’m happy to show them off.

These little guys are 1 week apart and they wanted to get the 2 of them together and I’m just happy to say that we got one for how long it took to get one of them to settle down.