That Glow!!!

Doesn’t she have that pregnancy glow?
A while back I gave my photography services to a non profit organization called The Great Life Foundation and this is the lucky winner.
Pam, I am so happy for you guys you finally get your baby. Been a long time waiting. What a wonderful experience for me to capture this beautiful time in your life. Thank you…and don’t hold back the tears. It’s coming soon then you will able to hold her in your hands and love her even more.

This is the shot that I was dying to get with my new umberella’s. It’s simple but I love it.

Its what I do on Saturday!

Get caught up on everything from cleaning the house to sleeping in to towing the car to getting a gift for Isaac, who is turning three, to getting 2 sessions edited. Yes, I know its a boring Saturday I did nothing real fun but get caught up.

Here is my sweet niece who seriously has the cutest face. I just can’t get enough of this baby face.


My favorite kind of shoot. Very fun and zippy (energetic…he he I got to use that word). Thanks for putting up with all of my spaceyness. I could not remeber the name for steps. I was out of it. Being out of it I think we got some keepers.

Enjoy!!!! and I’m workin’ fast to get them done for you to make prints for the wedding day.

Fun detail shots.

Zander Boy

Here you go Julie. I didn’t forget about like I did last time. This is my favorite of him and I love the dots and stripes.

Love Day!!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all find lots of lovin’

…more of this post later.

and a few of my kids doing what I ask them to do.