more photos from the workshop

The landscape photography

After the workshop we put some of the knowledge to work.

I really don’t like getting my pictures taken…I mean look at my beauty.

This one is the best

Okay I like this one.

I did it

I SCREAMED today. I did not believe that it was possible for me to scream (I make fun of the damsel in distress).  What happened was my husband was home and I didn’t know it. I was heading to my room to get ready for the day and he just conveniently popped out of the dark hallway….and I literarily SCREAMED. My heart skipped a beat. What would have been really funny was if I was quick enough to get into self defense mode and do a little bodily damage to the hurtfull area that men have…then tho joke would have been on him instead of me.


This is my small fry. We call her Elly. She is spunky, fresh, funny, easy going, big heart, and my funky dresser. She wants to wear this outfit when they go back to school. She also did all the posing…my little super model.This little one loves to help me cook especially cookies because she loves to snitch the dough. Enjoy the many faces of Elly. Seriously love this girl why…why do they have to grow up?

It’s a New Year

Are you looking for a resolution. Get skinny! Isn’t that always the one. So, if you are looking for the results this year talk to my friend Carol (click on her name for the link). She is a successful fitness and lifestyle coach, and has changed lives around the globe. She educates how to live a fit, joyful and abundant life by balancing the body, mind and spirit. She uplifts and shares how to have a positive mental attitude and unconditional love for oneself. By following her LivFit Lifestyle plan her clients lose weight easily, feel empowered and have more self-confidence.

Hope this motivates you. I know it does me.
This shoot was definitely different than any shoot I’ve done…it’s a whole new ball game to show those muscles. I love a challenge.