I am looking for 3 words that describe my style…what is me? I am opening this to all of you readers. Please help me find what describes my style. Leave a comment…you can even stay anonymous.

  • hot, hot and hot… just my $.02

    okay let’s get real, I think fresh, fun, realReplyCancel

  • rich (as in color), authentic, freshReplyCancel

  • Kara

    creative, fun, boldReplyCancel

  • urban. bold. rich.ReplyCancel

  • Angiee Wells

    Infinite, Intriguing, PerfectionReplyCancel

  • Mandi

    Okay this is me typing the words that first came to my head as I look down your blog at pictures (don’t you laugh now :): golden, surreal, dreamy.ReplyCancel

  • hahaha golden. you know what brought a smile to my face 😉 I would say
    playful, real, and brightReplyCancel

  • Fresh, Crisp, and fun! haha that sounds like a promotion for a new salad. I guess salads are always good with pb&J’s!

    It’s hard to only pic 3 cause so many more come to mind… Vibrant, real, oh I could go on and on.ReplyCancel

  • Would Totally Freaken Awesome work?—- no sereously, Fresh, Clean, Modern. Oh, that might sound a little too much like an add for laundry detergant :pReplyCancel

  • Jess

    Thanks for helping me out. I will what sings for me. Thank you thank you.ReplyCancel

  • I agree! I also want to add compassionate–you look for the good in others and capture the best side of them. I know that’s more than 3 words.ReplyCancel

  • Raquel Allen

    Jess, I am terrible with words and sucked at this with my own work. But I say this as honestly as I can.. Your work is beautiful, it’s inspiring, it’s fresh and pure. It’s doesn’t hurt that you are super kind and beautiful… so not much help here but had to tell you how much I admire you!ReplyCancel

  • I’d have to say real, pure and fun!ReplyCancel

  • I would say….edgy, modern, daringReplyCancel

  • Vibrant, urban, fresh!

    There are so many more… but you only asked for three! 😉ReplyCancel

  • urban color burstReplyCancel


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