Look at those eyes. Crazy beautiful! I love blue eyes. I’m keepin’ it short tonight for I’ve gotta watch some Lost (I am slightly addicted).


I don’t know what to title it.

I can’t believe how long it takes for me to post anymore. I think this post has taken my like 3 days but I have too because I like ’em.
Anyways, I did a mentoring session last week. Sometimes I get asked to do something like this and I hesitate because it’s a different thing to teach than to just know how too. The results of the mentoring was: fun, busy and information overload…but the best part was to see my cousin…which has been about 10 years. Thanks for making the trip out here…good times! Enjoy these cute kids and thanks for being my models for the day you guys were awesome.


…and by the way I forgot to tell you that I love your name. So, it happened again I am having the toughest time choosing favorites. It happens to me everytime so I just have to stop and post what I have found to be my fav’s.

As you know by the header this is Rio who loves to Ski and be in the snow (I think she might be crazy). I know I am born and raised Utahn, and yes sometimes I speak it too, I have only been skiing once and snowboarding I have yet to try. Anyways, after the session I think it took me an hour to unthaw but I truely think it was all worth it. So, In order for me to capture the [Uniquely You] then I will love the snow too.

Oh, and I love meeting my clients because I will be doing business with Rio’s mom to create jewelry with the photo’s from your session. Details later.


I am looking for 3 words that describe my style…what is me? I am opening this to all of you readers. Please help me find what describes my style. Leave a comment…you can even stay anonymous.

Offspring nothing like me.

My son wanted this book called The Book of Knowledge from Usborne Books. It has a ton of information in it for kids I love it…not that I would be reading it but hopefully my kids can read it and get smart. Gabe was reading it the other day and found that he could make his own light and so he did.