It has been awhile since I used these studio lights and I’ll tell you they are dusty…no joke! I can’t keep up with the dust in my house…I guess that’s a remodel for ya.

I wanted to post these today and photoshop keeps crashing so I am just going to put up what I have already edited. I think I edited and individual of everyone except for the oldest…sorry.

Look at this hot momma.

the Davis Family

I finally uploaded these pictures I took on Friday and I know you guys are dying to see them. I know I was dying to edit them but man finding the time. Where does it go? I had a great time and I think my favorite was trying to the littlest of them all to acknowledge me period. I just love it when they give me those shy looks. Melts my heart. Enjoy!


This cute little one

…another model in the making.

…and for the boys it took a little to loosen up but I think we got some keepers.

Attn: all clients that want Christmas Cards

If you want to order cards thru me the orders need to be made by Nov. 15th so that we all have plenty of time to get them for Christmas deliveries. Go to categories at the top and click on Christmas Cards for the link to veiw the cards. If there is something there you don’t like I can give you some other examples. The cards range from $1.00 5×7 double sided to $3.00 for a tri-fold design. They come in sets of 25 with envelopes. Email me at photographybyjess(at)gmail(dot)com

There’s a first for everything

…and that would be I ran out of gas today. My goal was to make it to Costco cause it’s cheaper…I probably passed 3 gas stations in route to my destination. Luckily my Tahoe stopped by one of the stations. So, Isaac and I made our treck to get some gas…a nice man stopped and asked if he could help but I was so close I didn’t need it (I just had to mention this nice man because there is people out there that like to help a mother in heels…no jacket…with her 2 year old walking on State Street). Well, we made it to the gas station but it was closed…I could get gas if I had a can. Oh great! What to do. Well, there was a tire store next to the station and they had a gas can that I could borrowed and…Viola problem solved.

for Tara

Oh my goodness…cute family. I love photographing young families because you get the true personality even though it is a workout…to actually get the photo but its all worth it. And I know it can be hard for the parents…because sometimes they act out more than usual (my kids do this everytime we have the “family photo”). It may have felt like I couldn’t have gotten much between “D” giving me cross eyed the whole time and “M” avoiding me…but in the end I think it all worked out and I am pretty pleased. I hope you like.

If this was my family. I would chose this photo (for Christmas cards) because technically I would be “in” the photo…he he…but my husband just won’t let me get away with it.