My Cousin, my friend

Everyone loves Shay…how could you not. When you first meet her you walk away with a new best friend. It’s wonderful!
Brad is my cousin he comes from a family of ALL BOYS…and in my family I was the only girl. Let’s say I was one of the boys. Now, don’t get me wrong I am starting to like those girly things like shoes…high heels even and pink too!?!…but I still love to play sports once in awhile. Here is my cute family.

Lets start off with the heels.

Bracelets anyone

My sweet sweet daughter decided to take my bracelets to school and give them away. There are 2 that are still missing and I’m not sure I will ever see them again…and those were my favorite ones out of the bunch. I just wanted to ring her little neck but how could I.
This reminds me of my childhood days. My brothers found a stack of money (not sure why my parents had so much) and decided to hand it all out to the neighborhood kids. I think my parents got all the money back…I don’t know but I think I would rather her take my bracelets then handing out cash.

Beecher Family

Love this family one of the most playfull families I have met. They always have something on the agenda…and seriously how do you guys do it. I like to play but I also need some down time.
Greg (my husband) and I play soccer with the Ryan (aka Beecher). We’ve got to be the best over 30 soccer team it the valley…he he. Anyways, I’ve got tons more to say but I am having a brain freeze on how to relay anything right now. Enjoy…and love you guys.


Here it is I’ve got more for you to see. Before this shoot I found a new fun location and better yet got permission. It’s not very often I can find an abandoned home and also find the owner. I will usually find these homes and then the owner finds me and kicks me off (which is fine but I like to get permission if I can). I also found a new couch. Fun fun fun!
Lets get to the post. There were so many that I looooooved. I had a tough time choosing. Seniors really are a lot of fun for me and very challenging to narrow done the post…I just can’t decide what to post. Girl you are Beautiful!

Remember seniors if you refer 5 paying clients to me you will get $100 bucks from me…now who wouldn’t want extra for just talking about ME…he he! Also, I need some boys/men. I am in the mood for some football, basketball, or any type of sports…maybe someone who plays the guitar or the drums. I can get creative.


Oh, and I got these new frames and had to play with them. Enjoy!